Breeze skin for Opera 12

One of the problems which arose when Opera 12 was released was that many of the old skins are broken, the main issue being toolbars appearing totally black. My favourite Breeze II was one of them affected. I have modified it myself to largely work – I cannot guarantee it is perfect, indeed there are still one or two glitches, but it works fine in my own configuration of Opera. Download it from here.

Updated 30/12/12 to cure a couple of glitches with Opera 12.12

500kHz recordings

Here are a few recordings of amateurs I have heard on the UK 501-504kHz experimental band. I intend to add to this from time to time so that there are recordings of most of the active UK 500kHz ops.
For more information on the 500kHz UK band see .

All the recordings are around 15secs or so and contain at minimum the station’s callsign, they are in mp3 format.

The antenna is a Butternut HF2V vertical resonated with a 1mH base loading coil. The receiver is a Datong U/C1 upconverter feeding my Elecraft K2 on 28MHz and the 400Hz CW filter selected.

All recordings made at my QTH, Bracknell in Berkshire, IO91PJ.

Dave Sergeant G3YMC

G3DXZ Retford 15 July 2007
G3KEV Scarborough 4 June 2007
G3OLB Sheldon, Devon 4 August 2007
G3UNT Maidstone 2 June 2007
G3VTT nr. Rochester 5 June 2007
G3XAQ Canterbury 5 June 2007
G3XIZ Biggleswade 4 June 2007
G3YXM Birmingham 29 June 2007
G4GDR Swindon 16 June 2007
GM4SLV Shetland Is 30 September 2007
GW3UEP 25th July 2007
GW4HXO Haverford West 16 June 2007
M0BMU Hatfield 29 June 2007

Amateur Radio files

The following files may be of interest:

Falklands Invasion 2nd April 1982
A recording of Bob McLeod VP8LP in Goose Green on the 20 metres amateur band on the evening of the invasion as made here at the time. At that time Bob was literally the only contact back to the UK and it makes interesting listening. Sorry about the quality, it was very hastily made at the time…

New Zealand on 160m!
A short recording of a morse CW contact I had with Peter Watson ZL3GQ in Christchurch on 4th October 1977. The greyline path to New Zealand from the UK is quite difficult on Top Band and only occurs for a few days around the equinoxes. This contact was made with 10W, at that time the legal limit for Top Band in the UK

Sinclair TV1B Microvision Television
Circuit diagram of this small television from 1976 which I showed at a recent radio club meeting.